Alankrita Sahai: I would never be caught wearing Arabic eye brow products

Alankrita Sahai: I would never be caught wearing Arabic eye brow products

Alankrita Sahai joins as we unveil the beauty and makeup favourites of the stars with `Vanity secrets.’

Your favourite makeup product?
Carrot and Stick, Estée Lauder, Charlotte tilbury, Laneige, Emolene cream and The Ordinary.

The first makeup product you bought as a teenager?
Lakmé  and Revlon products as a kid in school.

The product you wanted to steal from your mom or sister?
My mom’s special home-made face packs. body packs and masks . They do wonders and my mom’s lipsticks of course.
Your skincare routine?
I wash my face with cold water and a PH balanced face wash, it could be a Cetaphil face wash or a CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser . Then I tone my face with the Pixie glow tonic or the Ole henriksen toner .  I use the essence from Laniege mixed with my creams and apply it all over my face and neck  . I also used the under eye cream depending on the season. Then I add some hyaluronic serum to my night mask.   In the day I do all of the above but use a sun screen and a day cream with no night masks!
Your skincare routine?
My mom and my work taught me. My sister would do my makeup so I also learnt a few tricks from her too. The great professionals I worked with taught me the importance of good makeup and skin care . I’m blessed.

The items one will always find in your makeup kit?
Everything from an Led light face mask to rollers and guashas . I love makeup even though I don’t do a lot of it I hoard.

Makeup or skincare goof ups from the past?
Yes ! Thin eyebrows.  Sharp bronzed witch looking contoured features . Neck and face wouldn’t match when the foundation was applied. Dark eye shadows… let’s not talk about it more!

The makeup trend you wish to try?
I love the no makeup makeup look and I also love the idea of going full glam.
The makeup product you would never be caught wearing?
The Arabic eye brow products or a massively contoured face . I like it fresh and dewy or matte.

The makeup trick that always works for you?
Gloss and eyeshadow. It’s all in the eyes Chico ! Just conceal my under eyes put a bit of mascara and tint on my cheeks, eye lids and lips . I’m ready to go !

The skincare tip that always works for you?
Hydrating moisturisers and night creams. Massaging my face and drinking lots of water and having a lot of anti-oxidants 


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