Rahul Dravid-Virat Kohli pair all set for new partnership against Kiwis

Rahul Dravid-Virat Kohli pair all set for new partnership against Kiwis

Speaking exclusively on Stat Sports show Follow the Blues, Former Team India all-rounder Irfan Pathan on which Kiwi player can create a challenge for Team India in the upcoming Test series. “If we talk about the two-test series, if there is anyone who can challenge Team India then it is Kane Williamson, the man himself because he’s a fantastic cricketer. Especially when it comes to Test cricket. But, the second biggest challenge for the Indian team will be playing at Wankhede, in Mumbai because that pitch will be very much suited to New Zealand cricketers as well because it has bounce. Unless we get a rank turner if the pitch is really good and bouncy the way it is generally, then New Zealand can pose a huge threat,” said Pathan.
Irfan Pathan also shared his thoughts on the Kohli-Dravid pair and said, “This will be a new partnership between Rahul Dravid as well as Virat Kohli, the captain. Especially in the longer format, I don`t see any problem because Rahul Dravid is the kind of guy who likes to come into the system, he doesn`t change the system much. Now obviously, he`s a very technical – tactical guy but he will not disrupt, he never used to disrupt even when he was captain, he always used to help boost the confidence of the player. One thing is for sure, there will be a great understanding and communication in this partnership, along with this youth players will be given as much importance as a senior player gets in the team. I`m not saying that this did not happen before but I have played under Rahul Dravid and this was very noticeable if there was any young player in the team it was not hard to help them get into the team and it was solely due to Rahul Dravid’s mentality.”
Former Team India batsman Aakash Chopra heaps praise on Rahul Dravid as a coach, “With Kohli, see the fact that Rahul Dravid he just commands respect, he doesn`t demand it. You know if Rahul is there, there is a natural feeling of respect for him because of what he has done, that’s one, and what he is as a person. If you talk about Test cricket, it`s very interesting that this format is very close to Rahul Dravid’s heart and the same can be said for Virat Kohli in regards to Test matches. The direction in which the Indian cricket team plays, they just have to continue going in that direction.”
Former Team India spinner Harbhajan Singh talks about what Rahul Dravid`s entry means for Team India, “See, the combination will obviously take some time for everyone to adjust to with new things, new processes that Rahul will bring onto the table and I think the triangle of these three is joined to one another, Rahul with Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. I think they should be working together and take Indian cricket to new heights and with Rahul coming in, I can tell you that players will be given a lot of assurance. Players will be given good chances, there won`t be any unfair treatment and you’ll be left out of the team, they will be given proper opportunities and that’s what Rahul Dravid will bring onto the table. He will bring a lot of stability to the team.”

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