Randeep Hooda Shares His ‘First Tiger Hunt’ Experience, Watch Video

Randeep Hooda Shares His ‘First Tiger Hunt’ Experience, Watch Video

Randeep Hooda recently visited the Satpura Tiger Reserve and shared an incredible clip straight from the woods. The clip displays the food chain in action as it shows a tigress chasing a gaur (Indian Bison). The clip starts with the tigress running towards a patch of trees and then the prey is revealed, which is a gigantic gaur. The chase continues as the two animals cross a path built for the safari jeeps and then disappear into the jungle.

Sharing the clip, Hooda, in the caption, wrote, “My first tiger hunt,” and attached the hashtag ‘#SatpuraTigerReserve’. In the following tweet, Hooda tagged multiple handles, including that of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan and state departments of Tourism and Forest.

Here’s the video:

Since being shared, the video has accumulated more than 71,000 views and 2,880 likes. Indian Forest Service officer, Parveen Kaswan, was also among the people who chimed in with their reactions and questions. Kaswan asked, “Was he able to take it down?”

Hooda explained that the video captured a young tigress that cautiously preyed on the gigantic bison. Hooda wrote, “She didn’t score this particular kill, but I am sure the day is not far when she will.”

One user called the clip phenomenal. Another said that he was keen to know what happened next. “Gaur is not that easy to fall prey, I gather, given its size. Wonderful watch Randeep Hooda,” the user wrote.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism’s verified Twitter account also shared the video on their official handle.

One user complimented Madhya Pradesh for its amazing work at preserving wildlife.

Randeep Hooda spent a considerable number of days in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from being a refined actor, Hooda is also an avid animal lover and is quite vocal against animal cruelty. The actor also shared his views about the newly-built corridor between Satpura and Melghat Tiger Reserve, and advocated for a smooth flow of wildlife between the two reserves.

He also shared an amazing click of a tiger prancing through the shrubs.

What are your views on the viral clip?

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