3D Avatars now available on Facebook and Instagram in India; How to make your own

3D Avatars now available on Facebook and Instagram in India; How to make your own

Meta is introducing new updated 3D Avatars across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram and is now also introducing the feature in India for the first time, allowing users in the country to create 3D Avatars of themselves, in a push towards its ambition of being a metaverse platform. Your 3D Avatar is a cartoon version of yourself that is supposed to capture how you look in a virtual setting.

It might not be an accurate facsimile of your real appearance, but rather, a digital version of yourself. These 3D Avatars have already been rolled out to many other countries and are now being made available in India. Once you create an Avatar on Facebook, you can use it on Facebook, the Messenger App, Instagram Stories and DMs, and the Meta Quest headset.

The updated 3D Avatar feature adds options to include Cochlear implants and over-the-ear hearing aids to your Avatar. It also includes wheelchairs, which will appear in stickers on Facebook. Meta has also made subtle adjustments to certain facial shapes and skin shaders to make avatars more authentic.

Now that this feature is finally available for Indian users, here are the steps you can follow to create your Avatar on the Facebook Mobile App:

#Go to the Facebook app on your phone and go to its Menu

#Scroll down to Avatars and tap on “Edit your Avatar”

#Here, Facebook will offer you a lot of options to customise your Avatar, including dresses, face shapes, eye shapes, hairstyles etc.

#Customise your Avatar to your liking and create it.

#The next step is to share your newly-created 3D Avatar

#Go to Avatars

#Tap the “Share to Feed option at the bottom

#Share your Avatar to your feed

You can do the same on Messenger by creating tapping on your profile picture and then tapping on “Avatar”. However, this will take you to the Avatar creation screen on the Facebook App and if you don’t have it installed, you will be prompted to download it to continue. Now, here is how you can send stickers of your Avatar in Messenger chats:

#Open the messenger application and tap on a conversation to open it

#Tap on stickers to view your avatar sticker pack

#Choose a sticker you want to send and tap on it to send it.


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