South Korea’s Defence minister urges members to enlist

South Korea’s Defence minister urges members to enlist

The group’s eldest member Jin turns 30 in December

BTS Military service update: South Korea's Defence minister urges members to enlist


South Korea’s Defence minister Lee Jong-sup, while speaking at the parliamentary session, has said that members of K-pop group BTS might still be able to perform overseas while serving in the military. 

The issue has been a matter of debate for long with many fans hoping an exception would be made for the boyband, where all able-bodied men aged between 18 and 28 must fulfil their military duties. The group’s eldest member Jin, turns 30 in December this year and K-pop stars are allowed to postpone their service until 30 years of age.

Meanwhile, the boy band had announced a break in June to pursue solo projects. Group member J-Hope became the first South Korean artist to headline the main stage at Lollapalooza 2022, on Monday.

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