The top AI-based transcription apps you can use in meetings, interviews

The top AI-based transcription apps you can use in meetings, interviews

If you’re been looking for a Speech-to-text and transcription, many of the apps now deliver quick and accurate results thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. These apps come in super handy when you wish to take notes during an interview or are looking to transcribe a meeting. These AI-powered apps scan recorded meetings, interviews, and keynotes, and produce textual results in no time.  Some even come bundled with AI that identifies the people in a conversation and splits the output accordingly preventing things from turning messy. Here’s a look at the best speech-to-text AI-based transcription tools you can try out.


notta inline The basic plan offers 120 transcription mins per month in 104 languages

Notta earns the top spot in the list because it’s one of the few services that offer a solid free plan, which is actually rare when it comes to transcriptors. You can access the service through its web app on your desktop, or download its iOS and Android apps to use it on your smartphone. The free plan lets you import audio and video files to get a transcript, while the paid plan offers you the ‘Notta Bot’ for live meeting transcription in Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. The easy-to-use interface across platforms makes it ideal for both personal and business users. offers 300 minutes of free transcribing and the timer resets monthly. The app uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to transcribe meetings, so you can stay focused on the conversation instead of diverting your attention to taking notes.

It stands out because it provides nearly its complete suite of features for free, with the paid Otter Pro subscription mostly for extending your recording minutes. The focus here is only real-time transcription, and you can use the app to display an overlay with the transcription during meetings, complete with speaker identification.

voicegrain Voicegrain offers the simplest interface from the bunch

Voicegrain lacks dedicated iOS and Android apps, so if you are a PC user, you can benefit from its speedy and accurate transcription. For free, you get 120 minutes of transcription and 500MB of cloud storage to store recordings. Voicegrain  takes a no-frills approach and has got the simplest user interface on this list. The service lets you upload recordings and also fetches real-time transcriptions from ongoing meetings.


Transkriptor offers no free plan. But you get a 90-minute trial. It ensures fairly accurate output, and works surprisingly well even when there’s a lot of noise in a recording. Aside from offering AI-based captioning for a wide range of content, you can upload your own mp3 and mp4 and convert them to text. Note that like any other app on this list, a sign-up process will be required before you can use the service.


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