Zepp Health will release the Amazfit Pop 2 smartwatch on November 22 only in India

Zepp Health, a Chinese manufacturer of smart clothing, on Wednesday provided information about the Amazfit Pop 2, an exclusive smartwatch for India. The fitness wearable will be available on November 22 for Rs 3,999. On the day of the launch, it will be offered on the online retailer Flipkart for an introductory price of Rs 3,299. Starting on November 23, it will also be offered on the official Amazfit website in addition to Flipkart.

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Amazon Fit Pop 2: Details

The Amazfit Pop 2 has a 1.78-inch HD AMOLED screen and a 270 mAh battery. The navigation button for the fitness wearable is mounted on the side of the device’s rectangular dial. It boasts a steel button and an aluminium frame. The Zepp Active app, which syncs health and fitness data to smartphones and lets users customise the watch face and settings, works with the smartwatch.

The Amazfit Pop 2 has a Bluetooth calling feature with an integrated speaker and microphone. Additionally, it will have a built-in feature to launch Google Assistant and Apple Siri on iPhones and Android phones, respectively. Zepp OS is compatible with the fitness tracker. The Amazfit Pop 2 can operate normally for up to 10 days, according to Zepp Health.


The smartwatch supports automatically detecting features for four common activities: walking, jogging, using an elliptical machine, and rowing machines. It also has over 100 built-in sports modes. It has sensors for measuring blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. Additionally, it has a feature that notifies the user if it notices heart rate irregularities.

Zepp Health also unveiled the Amazfit Band 7 earlier this month for Rs 3,499. The Amazfit Band 7 has a 232 mAh battery and a 1.47-inch HD AMOLED screen with over 50 interchangeable watch faces and always-on displays. The dial on the fitness band is rectangular. Water protection is rated at 5 ATM. The smartwatch is available in elegant beige and traditional black. With the aid of straps, which come in pink, orange, blue, and green colours, the smart band can be personalised.


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